What are the benefits of leading a society?

What are the benefits of leading a society?

§  Learn new skills: learn how to plan events, work as a team and effectively manage your time!

§  Create a space to bring people together: by leading a society you can bring together people with similar backgrounds, interests or hobbies.

§  Put on activities you and other students want to take part in

§  Earn awards and digital badges for your work as a committee member: you can demonstrate your skills to employers using these.


I have gained so many skills whilst being part of the society. The main skills I have learnt have been leadership and adaptability. Being President of a society involves lots of organisation and things can change quickly whilst planning events you have to be able to be adaptable and have several options for any events you're planning.”

Alex Powell, LGBTQIA+ Society President, 22-23


Being on the committee in a leadership role as president has taught me how to lead meetings, how to delegate tasks effectively, and how to deal with arguments/disagreements within a collaborative environment.

Josh Hallstrom, Tabletop Society President, 22-23

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    • What skills do I need to lead a society?

      Students will be given training and skill workshops so all they really need is a bit of motivation to start. Leading a society at Your Students’ Union is an extremely rewarding experience for any student. These voluntary roles equip you with a whole ...
    • Who can lead a society?

      Any current Coventry students are eligible to apply to lead a society.
    • What are the benefits of joining a society?

      § Meet new people in safe and friendly environments § Learn new skills § Build your network § Get additional academic learning opportunities § Have fun § Activities you don’t normally have the opportunity to do § Get to know new locations
    • How can you lead a society?

      § To lead a society, you will need to have 4 people willing to be on the committee: President, Treasurer, Inclusion Officer, and a fourth role of your choice. § Fill in this form to apply to start a new society or to adopt a dormant (previously ...
    • What support will I get if I start a society?

      You will be supported by a member of staff who will help you to organise your events and meet with you to discuss your society's progress. You will also be able to apply for funding for your society.