How to join a society

How to join a society

1.        Find a society (or more) that you’re interested in

2.      If you’re not sure on whether you want to purchase the membership straight away you can sign up to their interested list and check their events calendar for any upcoming taster sessions

3.      When you’re ready to purchase a membership go to the society’s webpage

4.      On the page there will be the option to add the membership you’d like, this will show in your shopping basket

5.      When you’ve added all the memberships you would like to join, click on your basket to view all and proceed to payment

6.      You will need to purchase a one-off annual subscription of £3 to join any sports club or society (you only need to pay this once in an academic year); the subscription can be added to your basket at checkout

7.       Proceed to input your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

And that’s it! You’re officially a member of those societies.

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      § Be a registered student, no matter what level of study you’re at once you are a member of the university you are a member of the students’ union
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